I am the CEO of Northman Agency

Let me introduce you to the WHY behind creation of Northman Agency

Northman Agency was born out of frustration. The frustration that so many marketing agencies offer so little to their clients and charge so much for it. Most importantly, marketing agencies nowadays concentrate on getting new clients instead of catering to existing clients, which results in an increase of dissatisfaction and mistrust with Digital Marketing in general. Agencies much rather boast about their experience, instead of concentrating on delivering tangible results and growing their client’s business.

This is where Northman Agency differs. I have created Northman Agency to restore business owners’ faith in Marketing. To show business owners that in the right hands and with the right experience, the internet can and will grow your business. Northman Agency is breaking the norms by providing a month to month services without long term agreement. This keeps us accountable for your business’ success and encourages us to exceed ourselves every month. This model is based on the idea that our agency can only grow if your business grows and that we can only succeed if you do.

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